Portland Air Duct Cleaning

by J&M Services

A J and M Services air duct cleaning machine in a Portland Oregon home

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Welcome to J&M Services Portland Air Duct Cleaning! We proudly provide exceptional Indoor Air Quality Services for increased energy efficiency, prolonged furnace life & improved indoor air quality. Services are available in Portland OR and the surrounding Metro areas. No “gimmicks” or unexpected add on sales from pushy salesmen in your home. We use easy to understand per vent pricing and can give you a firm quote right over the phone! Call us today at 503-680-0195 and clean up the air your family breathes!

A J and M Services technician standing on a ladder, feeds an air duct cleaning brush through a ceiling air duct in a Portland Oregon home

air duct cleaning

We utilize powerful dual motor portable air duct cleaning machines, guaranteed to leave your duct work contaminant free and without the large access holes and intrusion of the older truck mounted vent cleaning machines.

filter changes

While we do not stock or supply filters we are happy to change them for you during our air duct clenaing service.  Replacing your filter frequently is a great way to prolong the life of your furnace.

minor ventilation repair

If durning the course of your Air Duct Cleaning service we find a minor problem with your duct work we can usually fix it on the spot. If upon inspection we find it necessary to do a duct replacement, we treat this first call as a free bid. We’ll let you know exactly what needs to be replaced, how much it will cost and how long it will take.  There won’t be any hidden fees or mystery charges.  For more information about our other services please visit our primary website!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning is a great way to eliminate the number one cause of home fires in America: Dryer Vent Fire caused by excessive lint buildup. If you are considering having us perform air duct cleaning services, we are able to offer dryer vent cleaning at a much cheaper rate if we can also clean your heating vents in one trip, so be sure to bring this up when you contact us!

portland air duct cleaning

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Using powerful and fully portable Air Duct Cleaning machines, we can guarantee successful results & happy customers on each and every duct and vent cleaning job we perform. Rotobrush portable machines are the only self-contained method that simultaneously brushes while vacuuming debris. Debris is gently knocked loose inside heating ducts without ever harming the duct work (including flexible ducting!) then directly swept up by powerful HEPA filtered dual vacuum motors to make sure your air is free from harmful bacteria, animal dander, dust & debris and other allergens. Our Air Duct Cleaning Portland Or Customers can have peace of mind knowing their family is breathing clean air!

A Rotobrush air duct cleaning machine used by J and M Services in Portland Oregon

Per Vent Pricing

We use very easy to understand per vent pricing for our Air Duct Cleaning. A quick walk around the house to count up all the heating supply and typically larger return air vents will make it easy for you to get a firm price when you call.

Free Crawl Inspection

We offer a free in-depth crawl inspection with any air duct cleaning service or dryer vent cleaning service.

Dual Motor Portable Machines

Portable machines are used by us and all other top rated Air Duct Cleaning Companies for a good reason! Portable machines are much less intrusive to your homes heating system while providing a much more thorough air duct cleaning